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scale insects

Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the best (and cheapest) way to get rid of scale insects  ? I have already sprayed with a bug killer and we had two snowfalls inbetween, but it appears that they are still there in force.




  • Hi cheekymonkey68, ladybirds and birds are the best and cheapest way to get rid of scale insects. The outer shell usually protects the scale insect from insecticides, so there's no point in spraying (this could also harm other wildlife). You can pick the insects off yourself, or wash off any residues of bug spray and wait for the ladybirds and birds to eat them.There's also a parasitic wasp you can buy (<em lang="latin">Metaphycus helvolus), but this option can be expensive.

    Hope this helps<em lang="latin">


  • Moomin333Moomin333 Posts: 13

    I have the same problem with my holly hock.  Poor thing suffered a nabs attack of rost last year, so this year gave it a good spray of antifungal as it was erupting early spring.  Got rid of that and now scale insect.  It's wrecking it.  I've cut off a lot of the leaves.  Birds in my garden don't go for them and ladybirds of any kind are no where to be seen.  What else can I do s there's too many to wipe off.

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