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Talkback: Caring for naturalised bulbs

donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479
I naturalised bulbs in my lawn several years ago. A couple of years ago we started to alter the front garden and where the bulbs were was where all the rubbish was put and even a bonfire. Now we have laid a new lawn and just the other day several crocus have popped their heads through and are now in flower, it was such a lovely surprise. All my tomato plants are growing really well and I've sown herbs this week as well, they are in their propagators sat on my kitchen window cill. It is so nice to be out in the garden again.


  • What and when should I feed bulbs naturalising in rough grass ?

    I have daffodils, crocus, camassia, fritillaries, spanish bluebells and scilla.
  • kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111
    Dear Pippa, will you have to wait until the bulbs have been lifted and devided to find out whether the blind bulbs have responded to feeding, would you have to mark them to follow their progress, will they be good next year or is it the long wait. Kay
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