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sting nettle feed

Hi every one, A couple of months back I bought a rubber dustbin and filled it up with stinging nettles then topped the dustbin up with water (as recomended by Monty Dom) I then put the lid on the dustbin to keep out the elements etc. Does any one know if this nettle feed will still be good come spring 2014 or will it turn bad and kill my plants. be grateful for advice on this one

thank you  


  • Hello it should be ok I done my in a bucket with no lid so I have strained out the big nettle leaves and poured into a few 2ltr old plastic drinking bottles when you feed to your plants you have to dilute it with water  

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,252

    It should be a good spring tonic for your brassicas

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657
    No probs lots of people keep it for much longer as i do,about 6 weeks minimum to bottle it ,i leave it 10 weeks or more then bottle,when you make a lot the strength is important as too strong burns the plants, so weak tea looking is good, i use 15/20 to one as mines quite strong as i do the dryer method not so smelly, remember this mix is good for general growth but come flowering/fruiting time add more potash, or stop the nettle tea and go for a tomato type feed this is good, Comfry is very good as it has more potassium than nettles, the really good one is Dandelion tea if you can get enough of them, good luck Alan
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