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christmas parcel



  • Forester - yes, My Hermes will collect from a shed or outbuilding etc, and deliver to one as well, if given the details. This is a big help to anyone who's out at work. Obviously if you want a signature on delivery, the recipent needs to be in (and there's an extra charge for this). Ebay now list Hermes as a suggested courier in their drop-down list of postage options, so it seems to be well established.

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    Thank you Green Magpie - very useful information.

  • good to know Green M thanks

  • One to avoid at all costs is Parcel Force!

    I sent a frozen food hamper to a friend of mine (haggis, black pudding etc) and unfortunately he wasn't at home when they tried to deliver on a Friday. They didn't leave a calling card (and apparently with them you cannot pick up from a depot anyway). They wouldn't redeliver on a Saturday as that is a premium pre-pay service and delivery was eventually on Monday.

    Needless to say the food had thawed out and my friend was wary of consuming it.

    I telephoned to complain and got absolutely nowhere with it. I would not hesitate in never using them again!

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    Green Magpie - do you have to pre register with my hermes before using them?

  • Yes, you have to register with them the first time (I've only used them twice). You can pay by card or by PayPal. They then get you to print out a label (they search the postal database to make sure the address corresponds to the post code) which you attach to the package - this has their bar code on, so you do need to be able to print it out.

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    Green Magpie - I am going to PM you.

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    Oops - can't do that then!

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    Got stung by Royal Mail this year.  The missus bought an item for an elderly relative and it cost nearly twice the cost of the item to send the **** thing.

  • There is a good comparison site called Parcel2Go, which includes Collect+, Yodel and Hermes (amongst others) in their comparison. It saves you having to check out all the carriers individual sites.

    The link is here:

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