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new seeds, bulbs and plants

made a decision to use all the seeds and bulbs i have saved before i buy any new ones this far have planted ...

red onions

miniature violas





have also divided and planted

ice plant


choc cosmos

but then i saw some lovely campanulas in Lidl yesterday in white and purple and tis the time of year to divide them...

might have to spend a few quid tomorrow



  • im always saying ill use what ive got first, but like to buy to grow different annuals/perenials for customers, did my own garden design last summer;


    a show of colours and shades blending together some of these plants had 4-5 different names. ive taken some pics on facebook

  • seeded a variety of lettuce and micro herb in a small 'greenhouse' but there wasnt enough light and the seedlings now have long white stalks about 8cm long, some are weak and starting to lean over but I have now put them in a well lit position...are the stems going to be able to hold the growing leaves?

  • RonRon Posts: 32

    It's nice to receive free seeds with your garden mag. but I could now open a seed shop!  I too have decided not to buy any this year. OK they don't all germinate but I simply sow extra.

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