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Begonia seeds

I want to grow the tuberous variety from seed however they seem difficult to grow. Anyone has any experience and when do you sow them. I've grown lobelia seedlings etc which are very small are these more difficult.

Thanks for any replys


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,490

    Hi i grow some begonia from seed this year not tuber types though. I found them difficult to grow from seed, i grow sempiflorens and Fortune mix. You need to start them really early. I started growing mine late Feb - early March and they was way behind, they did flower eventually, so this year i am going to grow them in my new propagator  late January.

    About 25/50 Sempifloren seeds germinated and survived. 

    6/25 Fortune seeds germinated and survived. I only had them on the windowsill, but they do need sunlight to germinate. I got these in the house at the moment cause i bare losing them

    I ended up going buying some in a pot that needed splitting and potting on eventually.  

  • I've never tried seeds but I find even begonia plugs are temperamental so only buy tubers these days.

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  • cairnsiecairnsie Posts: 388

    yeah thanks for the replys I had difficulty with begonia cuttings. infact i had great success with a lot of things but the begonias were not one of them. I may just buy tubers.

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