Yellowing leaves on my Stephanotis

Help, my lovely Stephanotis leaves are going yellow and dropping off and I've no idea why.

It is a bright position and is kept moist and I feed it a weak tomato fertiliser monthly so can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong??




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    This is from the RHS website, only you can tell if your problem fits any of the causes of what you describe.

    Stephanotis suffers from some common houseplant problems.

    • Pests: susceptible to scale insectred spider mitemealybug and root mealybug
    • Lack of flowering: may be caused by low humidity or insufficient summer warmth, but may also be due to unsuitable winter treatment. Keep plants cool in winter – between 13-16°C (55-61°F) – and water sparingly. Poor general growing conditions and lack of feeding may also be factors
    • Flower bud drop: extreme changes in growing conditions, either over or under watering, extreme high or low temperatures or lack of humidity may cause the flower buds to drop
    • Yellowing and dropping of leaves: this may follow waterlogging or very low temperatures. Lack of feeding will cause a general yellowing of the leaves without dropping. Plants should show green rapidly after foliar feeding
  • could be water logging,low temperatures or the lack of feeding.

    It needs good drainage.

    try john inners no2.

    This is only what I found on internet.



  • Thank you I will repot it and see what happens.

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    Good idea! Do not water the compost after re-potting. I used to grow tropical plants including Stephanotis and they must be kept on the dry side of waterlogged! Also minimum temperature of 60 degrees F.

  • My stephanotis is suffering the same way.  It's well fed so I think a drop in temperature plus maybe a tad of over watering are to blame.  Very useful answer..thanks!

  • Thank you very much for all your replies I really appreciated them. She was repotted a few weeks ago and she's looking better so fingers crossed I'll be getting some flowers some time in the spring.!!

  • Please can you help, I bought a beautiful Stephanotis a few weeks ago and almost all the flowers have dropped off. Will it produce flowers again and is there anything I can do to help it. The leaves are very healthy. I would so appreciate your advice.

  • Hi, I have a Stephanotis, 18 months old, and all of her lower leaves have yellowed and fallen. Good top growth on a very bare stem (just stem, no leaves at all). She is not pot bound but I think I should repot her? There are signs of new growth. When should I start feeding her, please? And what with? I think Tomato feed would be best, but I don't want to poison her as well! Please can someone tell me how to feed, repot, and generally care for my slightly neurotic plant? I know they are trouble indoors, but she was covered with leaves and blossom when I bought her. Thank You! 


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    I have one of these - very healthy leaves but no flowers!

    Here is some general advice from someone who lives in California. Don't know if it will help.


    What I've read is night temps need to go down into the mid to low 50s, I'd say for at least 6 weeks, consistently, and watering can be cut back to once every other week. If possible, light should be bright, at least a half day's sun up north. and no fertilizer at all.

    The ones at the nursery I worked at were crammed into a warehouse with sodium vapor lamps overhead and minimal heating and were watered when somebody remembered to, then brought out onto a blazing hot pier next to the harbour and watered almost daily in hot weather. These were over six feet tall behemoths, so I suspect they could stand more abuse than the average house plant.


    I wouldn't feed it until it begins to grow in the spring.

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    Stephanotis like a good root run.  I've had one flower successfully planted in a bed in a west facing conservatory.  I've since noticed a lot kept in small pots just enjoy leafing rather than flowering. 

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