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Bulbs, seeds & cuttings flowering in June / July this year 2012

Jed SJed S Posts: 1

My North Yorkshire Garden - I took the past two years off so that I could design and build my new back garden - the gardens north facing with six tall and looming pines trees towering above - don't mention pine needles!!, and after many hours of digging and making sure my garden was level and quite precise “angles wise”; I've wheel barrowed in over 3000 loads of top soil – that’s 60+ tonnes of soil, crush and run, sand and about 140 metres in length of green French oak, so now I have 3 rectangular lawns and 11 triangular flower bed - 3 of which are large oak raised beds (one for old cottage style plants surrounding a handmade beehive, the second has an old loop topped deep blue painted iron railings for interesting plants to grow thru’ and around, and the last will have lots of long and straight’ish leafed plants and grasses too that will block ones vision and views to whats on the other side). All the lawns and flower beds are precisely angled and off set from the house, I've also built a metre high bent and rendered wall - painted in a very deep purple, with steps to one side forming a triangular lower and upper terrace on the other side - from which one will be able to sit on two large (squared off) pieces of beech tree next to a rectangular ¼ tonne beech tree table to enjoy watching the sun go down over the castle in the distance

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