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Honey fungus

I've a very old plum tree in my garden which always fruits well.

It has an old 'scar' about a foot above the ground where I believe a huge bough was removed from many years ago. This has cracked and often has seed grow in it from the friendly birds who like to store it there !

Now I notice there is a fungus - withered - in this crack. Also on the main trunk a huge 'slime' about 8" long has appreared.

Could this be the dreaded honey fungus ? As the fungus has withered and blackened I can't tell what colour it was!

Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • It could be, but not all fungi on trees are honey fungus, there are some that grow as a natural part of breaking down of dead wood. Dig a little way down in the soil where the tree is, and if you find some long black boot-lace type strands, this is an indication of honey fungus, but, as I have just found out there are a few different types, some more dreaded than others. I have just moved and, though not 100% sure yet, think there may be some in my garden, but even though there are no chemical controls, its not all doom and gloom, there are ways of dealing with it and plenty of resistant plants, so chin up.  Anyway if you google it theres plenty of info (too much sometimes..confusing) on there that will help.

  • Thanks - it was the information overload I was trying to get through, to a straight answer !

    Will have a dig when the frost has gone.

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