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    Love those log stacks Eddie. 

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    As a failed creative I can only stand and admire your work  I like it that you include the youngsters into your world. If only one or two are inspired to follow their artistic dreams you will have achieved much more than most of us. Well done.

    Please keep posting your pix, they are a joy.

  • Eddie I'm jealous too, but you're an inspiration!

    Here's my thrifty ideas. The cold frame is my deluxe custom-made version. Friends were  having an extension and throwing out their old double-glazing so I nabbed it.

    The milk carton idea came from the Harrogate flower show. My work colleagues and neighbours saved me the cartons. It's my mini-living wall which covers the front of my old bath where I grow my blueberries. I'm planting it up with things that will trail down.  I also grow hostas in my old toilet.




  • Well I'm reeling, not just at Eddie's marvelous work, but at the thrifty ideas everyone has. I'm working through them and making notes image

    Eddie, what tools do you use to make the sculptures? I love them!

  • I made closhes to cover my veg beds using a couple of hula hoops cut open, covered with some recycled furniture packaging plastic, held on with pegs, total cost - £2!




  • I get the naff cheap ornaments from Charity shops for 10p to use as cane toppers, the more kitsch and naff the better. Saves eye damage, raises some smiles, kids love searching out new ones ( seek out the owl, elephant, etc) and money goes to Charity. Win win situation in my book! 


    Also I put all egg shells in an old baking tray in bottom of oven and when baked (when oven is next used of course!) crush them up and sprinkle round slug vulnerable plants.

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