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Hi I'm new to this site, and would appreciate any help in how to plant for a meadow garden, which plants to buy and generally how to go about it all. Have a small space in mind, not wanting to take over the whole grassed area.

Can anyone help please?image


  • Hi dobby, are you planning to plant into a grassed area or start from scratch on a    patch of bare earth?  If you're planting in grass, cut the grass as low as you can then rake it to create bare patches.  It's best to sow yellow rattle seed onto the prepared area in autumn but you can buy yellow rattle as plug plants in april.  Yellow rattle is a parasitic plant on grass and will help to create areas for other plants to grow. Find a supplier of wildflower plants and seeds on line; the list of native wildflowers is vast and your choice will depend on the situation of your meadow area.  Also try and find out which plants are native to your area as these will probably do better.

    Another easier alternative is to clear the proposed area of grass, as if you were digging a seed bed, and sow a wildflower mix but I would still plant the yellow rattle plugs.  Hope this helps.

  • Hi thanks for that, sorry for not replying sooner, busy. Will do as you suggest, lets hope it makes a difference for the bees etc. Will get along to garden centre and have a chat there also.

  • Hi dobby2, if you Google 'meadow anywhere' you can buy a pack of native wildflower seeds to sow, that include yellow rattle. You'll get a lovely mix of flowers and money is donated to wildlife charities.


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