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HELP!: My HousePlanted Yuacca Tree is dying?

As Title I have a sma Yuacca tree, in my bedroom, it is not ideal conditions, as it dosent get a lot of light but its never overwatered and is left to dry out between watering.

The Problem is it is looseing leaves from the bottem upwards at a very fast rate, they turn yellow and then rown then dry up and fall down but dont fall off.

The rest of the leraves still look fine and the tips are mostly green with only very slight browniong at the very tip.

I assumed it was a light issue but I know Yuaccas like strong light but can live well without direct light (I get indirect bright light in the morning for a short time aka sunrise, then once the sun has lifted above the house i just get very little light but its never in shadow.)


However just now i have noticed tiny (1-3mm) white bugs, look like small spiders with less legs, they are almost translucent but i dont want to get to close XD!


I dont have anyware to put my plant were it can get more light, I cheack my plant everyday and not noticed these before today? WTF? could these be the reason it is dyeing, 

I have not cheacked the roots or soil but I will likly repot with come fast draining soil, but i want to get rid of the Bugs first.

I am used to black flys and know they are not pests just from soil, when i used to have a money tree but these are diffrent and are on the leaves and stay in the middle of the plant?


What can I do?


sorry for being vauge if you need more inform nation please ask.


I got this plant as I just cant seem to keep my plants alive! and this look like a nice simple one.


I have had from cactus (died from a bug infestation that i could not see at the roots) 

Bromeliads (I did not know how to lookafter them anbd they are tricky ones.)

I still have two moeny trees but one died from overwatrering! OOPS!

As you can see I SUCK at keping plants and should proberly be kept away from them =(





  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,350

    I'm the kiss of death to a houseplant Anthony. There's always something ready to eat them and if not there's always over and under watering. Or too hot/cold. Or too much sun/too dark. I don't have any now

    Those are probably whitefly you've got there. 

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  • Your plant will not do well in unsuitable conditions and this will make it more susceptible to the attacks of bugs and insects.

    There are houseplants which would be happy in the shadier conditions that you have - aspidistra is one, Monstera deliciosa aka Swiss Cheese Plant is another.  Spider plants Chlorophytum comosum will also be happy there and will improve the air quality which will be good in your bedroom.   If I were you I'd try some of these.

    Good luck image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Probably the result of prolonged etiolation and mealie infestation. It's probably easiest to get a new one.

  • ok thx guys ill look for one that preferes less bright conditionsd, id like to try and save it, maby move it downstairs if possable but not sure theres much room.


    its only lost about 4 leaves, it lost one and i though it was a fluke, the last three happend really quickly and fith is on its way.

    it looks pretty healthy on the rest of the leaves, im not sure what your first thing means cactctus dan?


    Its a pretty new plant and am surpirssed it has a infestatiuon, it must have had it when it arrived as i have had it less than 3 mounths.

  • Here are some Photos, I could not get any closer without bluring with my point and shoot (DSLR was in use) but I dont think there whitefly or mealy bugs?

    Anyone know what they are?

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    From what I've read, it is normal for Yuccas to loose bottom leaves. But it does need lots of light, best spot appears to be about 3 meters from a window, and can be put outside in Spring/Summer, starting in a shady place and gradually moving it to a more sunny spot.

    If infected with bugs or mites, spraying a soapy mixture of water and dish soap over the plant usually does the trick.

  • I have 4 yuccas in my conservatory and they all drop yellowed leaves from the bottom of each branch so that is quite normal.

    I wouldn't know what the bugs are, or whether they are responsible for the leaves dropping in your case.

    If you are worried, you could always snap off one of the unaffected branches where it joins the main trunk, stick it in some compost and you have a fair chance that it will grow if you give it the right conditions. My yuccas are quite old and love the light that the conservatory gives them.

  • Thank you everyone, as per the above lancashire Las, it only has one brance but has some buds that could turn into new brances/sets of leafs.

    I am going to give it a wash in some soap and also clean the roots and then rinse with clean water to make sure all and any bugs are gone then replant with fresh compost and see if that helps, I am going to try to find more light as well if I can.

    Will any fast draining compost be ok? 

    All I have is this and will use this i guess its better than infected compost, hope it will be ok/


  • FleurisaFleurisa Posts: 779

    Plants from garden centres or b&q are often infested with mealy bug when you buy them. The eggs are too small to spot, kill them with methylated spirits dabbed on with a cotton bud

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