Which varieties for 2014

I want to plant the full range of veg this season so do you have any specific varieties that have given you good crops over the years please

My soil will be manured and is well drained and sheltered

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  • Blue Lake French beans are good cropper and taste good, most runner beans give you a lot for your money and all beans taste much better than shop brought ones

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    NewBoy - this thread might have the information you need  http://www.gardenersworld.com/forum/fruit-and-veg/i-will/i-wont-grow-that-again/139715.html 

    I would add that I was planning to grow yellow courgette Parador next year, as it produced really well in 2012 but I have been unable to get seeds - Thompson & Morgan sent me an email telling me they were in stock, but some weeks later I've received a letter saying they cannot source the seeds and refunding my money. image

    As I was not impressed with the variety I grew this year (I think it was Soleil) it's back to the drawing board for courgettes - I may even go down the squash route.

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  • This year I grew some climbing peas called Alderman. The crop was excellent, the flavour delicious and none of those little bugs in the peas when they are shelled. I would recommend climbeing peas and Alderman in particular.

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    Thanks you 4 and i will order some of these when appropriate

    Merry Christmas My Friends   image

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    On Friday got my Christmas Present I bought myself

    50 bags of horse manure for £60.00

    I realised that I have not been looking after the soil in my first 2 years so this should do it !


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    Single guy in Bristol and I have just hoovered the room !!

    Verdun thanks for all of your advice in 2013 and heres to 2014

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    You're right Verdun. At least one bag should be wrapped and put under the tree in front of a good log fire image 

    Good choice NewBoy. 

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