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Planting an azalea

Hi all,

I've just been given an azalea as a present. It's very healthy with about a foot of foliage. Is it OK to plant it now or better to wait until Spring? They're quite hardy I believe.




  • There are non-hardy Azalea. Is it flowering now? Azalea indica are the non-hardy ones, though I have one outside for over 2 years now with little issue, though it does not flower outside after the first frosts. Azalea japonica tend to be hardy.

  • Hi,

    It's an Orange King and it isn't flowering now. Bought from a nursery last week so it's a young 'un.


  • Thanks, Verdun. It's going in the ground right now!

    Merry Christmas, all


  • I have Orange King - very hardy. Plant now. Pick a spot with good winter drainage but dampish in summer or with some shade.

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