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  • carpet spray and some duck tape should stick it

  • SamJPSamJP Posts: 17

    Does anyone know if those greenhouse clips work on the little greenhouses?  I've got a lean to style greenhouse (its about 1m wide by 0.5m deep I think), aluminium frame with polycarbonate panels.  I can't see how the clips would be fitted.

    Thus far I've always used some form of tape to try to hold it up.  This year it really hasn't worked though.

  • Hi SamJP, those clips only work on standard greenhouses which have a slot in the aluminium frame sections.  The slots are there to accommodate the heads of small bolts which hold the frame together and aren't present on mini-greenhouses.  For those I'd try tie-wraps like these:

    You can tighten one around a frame tube and push the 'spare' end of the tie through the bubble wrap, then slide the ratchet end of another tie over the end you pushed through the bubble wrap to hold it in place.  You can even get releasable ties so they can be re-used - normal ones would need cutting off when you remove the bubble wrap.


    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • SamJPSamJP Posts: 17

    Thanks Bob.  Unfortunately there's no way of using cable ties on mine. This is my greenhouse:


     Doesn't sound like the clips would work, I don't think the bolt holes in the frame would be anywhere near big enough.  I'll have a look though. 

    Any other ideas for hanging bubble wrap would be greatly appreciated, its proving to be a complete pain.  The only bits that stay up are the bits wrapped around the shelf supports lol.  Thought I'd got it cracked last year but alas it fell off.  The piece I use on the roof (inside) is the worst to hang.  It wouldn't even stop up for 5 minutes this time round.  Last year I think I managed a week.

  • SamJPSamJP Posts: 17
    Hmm there's an idea. Might try it. thanks.

    It's not too cold at the moment. Lows of 1 or 2c most days. We do have the odd -3 but not often. Biggest issue at the moment is high wind and rain.
  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    I use carefully positioned bamboo canes to make sort of a tent of bubble wrap inside my greenhouse.

    I cut one down slightly and found it fit perfectly into the pointy bit of the roof and then I just hang the bubble over it in strips until the whole thing is covered. Then a couple more to wedge into the frame at the bottom of the roof and it works pretty well for me.

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