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Talkback: How to grow early potatoes

I believe (i could be wrong as fairly new to this myself) that manuring is very good, in the previous automn or late winter, not directly before you plant the potatoes. If you haven't had the time for this then use some compost/chicken pellets mix.


  • i realy want to grow them its great!!
  • Bit confused, I have read that you should not manure potatoes but use fertilizer instead. Would like to know which is best.
  • When is the best time to replant a bay tree ? I have a bay in my back yard which has grown to about 8 feet high and it really could do with being in a fresh environment, I have the space on my allotment, but not the knowladge.
  • potatoes in the allotment have grown well but when cooked they become dry and crumbly even when gently steamed Help!
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    when is it best time to move a rhododendron been in about a year
  • I would plant them all about the same time, as it's the growing time that's different between the three, isn't it? 1st, 2nd earlies, then maincrop take successively longer than the other (in that order) to mature. So I guess you need to work out when you want to lift each crop and if you want a gap between them or not. Feel free to completely ignore this and do what you think's best, it's the way to learn! Happy digging!
  • davidedavide Posts: 12
    yes l thought it was a very helpfull comment i have never chited be for i will be giving it a go
  • When should I plant early potatoes, 2nd earlies and main crop? I have chitted them all but am not sure if I should spread the planting out over a few weeks? Any help greatly appreciated.
  • this is so good :D
  • imageimage and this i so helpful for young intelnegent students

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