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What fruit veg could i plant in a shady garden(peas, strawberries)?

Hi my garden south west facing, but we rarely ever get the sun because we live next to a co-op shop, so i was wondering what i could plant such as harvesting plants like strawberries, runner beans, french beans, tom thumb peas, but something that i can trim so i doesn't get to big. we get the sun in the morning, but not that often though, hope you can help. thanks image 


  • Broad beans & peas should be ok but french beans prefer full sun. Could try dwarf broad bean variety. Tomato plants worth a try. Cherry tomato type usually smaller plants. Rhubarb. Lettuce fine in part shade so worth a try. Goes well in cotainers as less slug damage! Hope this helps...
  • thanks for the help ! imageimage

  • My garden faces north-east so I only get some sun at an angle for part of the day (lots of building around me!). So far last year my biggest triumph was cherry tomatoes and the really tiny 100's & 1000's both grown in pots.  Picked the last of them in October! Plum tomatoes were a failure (2- sad) but I think they need a baking.  This year I'm going to try some fruit, rhubarb, strawberries, blackcurrents & redcurrents.  I have already planted onion sets and garlic cloves so fingers crossed.  image

  • Hi, I was really suprised about the cherry tomatoes as I thought they needed lots of sun.  Did you grow them in a greenhouse?  I don't have one so they would have to be outside. Also I am in the North West

  • Hello shady garden growers,

    Have a look at Kate's blog on growing veg in the shade. There are a few tips in the comments as well.

    Emma team

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