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I am interesting in buying a Rhus Typhina (Stag,s Horn Sumach) but when I read some of the bad things said about them I begin to wonder if I should.I understand that they put out some roots above ground level,but I can cope with that, its when I read that the branches fall off leaving just a stick in the ground.The one I pass every day is a wonderful shaped tree & as to be expected it looks very much like a Stags Horn,Its about 15ft high by 15ft wide.I would be pleased to know how many years it needs to get to this standard.Can I read some good results about this tree from some of your readers..Thanking you in expectation..Ronsolostar



  • I do love the shape of them, and their angularity would really suit the architecture of our house, but we have resisted planting one because of the suckering problem - has anyone ever tried growing one in one of those root control bags?

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    I don't think the branches fall off but they look like antlers in the winter. They seem to lack the fine branching that most trees have at the tips. The multiply divided leaves have a thick midrib, maybe some people think that's a branch falling off in autumn, I quite like them, I haven't got any but I might get one sometime. I think you need to accept the suckering and enjoy it. If you haven't got room for that don't get one.

    I did try one out in my field but the muntjac hough it was for rubbing against, then there was nothing left and it died

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    I have to say I like them. The leaves are lovely in Spring as they unfurl, and they produce a brilliant autumn display. The flowers/fruit are also pretty and last all winter. Mine does sucker, but they are easy to break off, so all in all a nice small tree.

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  • I have this tree shrub for over 30 years and I have few problems with it. Yes it does throw up suckers but you just re-move these and re-pot /plant or throw away and if it begins to drop its branches you just prune it to  a standing shape, it takes is a pretty tree  in Autumn and the seed flowers are striking. but plant it in the right place as the branches do hang a bit.image

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    I removed ours and I'm glad I did, still getting suckers popping up.

  • My father has a mature Rhus [20' height x 15' width] in his front garden. It borders a rockery and driveway and as I am the principal gardener (despite living 200 miles away!), it falls to me to keep it under control. Suckers abound in the light sandy-loam soil, but they generally come out fairly cleanly with a border spade applied to full blade depth. The rockery is kept trim by frequent use of secateurs. The tree itself needs use of loppers every year or two. The finches especially appreciate the seed heads through the winter months, so I generally leave off any pruning until around Easter. Fortunately it's sited well away from the house, otherwise I might have some concerns about roots entering the drains!!

  • If its the interesting foliage and shape your after i have a smaller variety Rhus typhina 'Tigers Eyes' which is just as beautiful and is a great feature in a large barrel or planter. Mine has been growing successfully for several years now and is a striking feature in the garden. Not much in the way of pruning is needed  and the roots are kept contained image

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    I had one for years it looked grand untill it was damaged in the wind

    and then looked a mess with suckers springing up all over the lawn.

    planting in a tub sounds a good idea, because they are a handsome tree.

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