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Sweet peas

Just sowed my first sweet peas the giant variety I've coverd them in club film and placed them at the back off a wardrobe in the dark hopefully il get some shoots within the next week or two. Any ideas if they'll flower this year?


  • Hello green fingerd will,

    Your sweet peas should flower this year. Most varieties are annuals. However you don't need to start them in the dark. You'd do better putting them somewhere light. Have a look at our advice on sowing sweet peas

    Emma team

  • Thanks for the advice Emma il get them out perhaps a window sill will do the job image
  • I always soak my peas overnight before planting, then they spring up in no time. I've had mine on the window sill for four days and they are just developing their first leaves now Green Fingered Will. I find starting them off on the window sill helps when it comes to hardening them off too, since they are already used to the cooler night time temperatures, it make them far less prone to shock when you plant them out.

  • sheddysheddy Posts: 15

    planted my seeds in december after soaking them for 24 hours,got lots of strong plants,keep pinching out growing tips and keep them watered, mine are coming along fine,keep them in the warm with good light and you will soon have good plants ready for the spring,I always do this,last year my sweet peas were spectacular,and the perfume filled the house,keep picking them and they will keep flowering,I was picking loads every few days


  • I am a new gardener and these tips are great for me. Thank you experienced growers

  • hi just wondering, can you eat the peas and the pods or are thay not edible at all 

  • HI JPHarro

    I do not think they are edible I would not fancy eating them anyway

  • ok then thank you for the help  and do you know any fruit and veg which will do well in the shade aswell :/

  • I am going to have a go at growing sweet peas this year. Thanks for the tips

  • JPHarro...

    There are plenty of vegetables that will grow happily in a shady spot... I always grow my lettuces in the shade, as it makes them produce more leaves (due to the lower light level). Generally I have found no problem growing anything leafy in the shade. (Cabbage, Spinach...) Anything that is a root veg will need more light, as will potatoes. I grew rhubarb in the shade once too, and they came up just fine.

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