Wonky Aloe Vera!

Hi guys, I'm just wondering if someone can help me save my poor aloe. I thought it may have root rot as it was starting to droop. It also had brown leaves on the bottom. I proceeded to pull the brown leaves off and took the aloe out of the pot but accidentally tore a load of the roots off...there are still two large roots on it so I re-Potted it but it is massively droopig to the left and right. It has also turned a really dark green with dark spots on... Any ideas / feedback would be appreciated!!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,256

    Dark green is good., much better than brown. I just cut the brown shrivelled bits off.  Mines a bit wobsided too. Its easy to make new ones from a smallish shoot. Just pull gently to detach from main plant and pot up. Mine thrives on neglect. It doesn't get watered very often.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will see how it gets on image just worried I was an idiot and pulled most of the poor things roots of it! Hopefully it will be ok now it's repotted again
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    Agree with Fidgetbones,you will be surprised how many shoots you will get and they are so easy to propagate, don,t overwater, and keep out of direct draughts. If its now dark green I think your plant will be fine.

  • Hi Kicksy, We've had mixed fortunes with Aloe veras, (or "Spiney Normas / Normans" as they are familiarly known in our family circle) - both as house and patio plants for several decades now. The original was a terribly potbound 'rescue plant' in a heavy 18" terracotta pot from Syon Park Garden Centre in 1974/5. Several generations and regenerations later we still have descendant 'pups' of the original variegated strain with us in a very sheltered patio here in coastal SW Wales. True, they can survive a lot of neglect but they defiitely don't appreciate prolonged wet weather or waterlogging. Best of luck with your afflicted plant - don't despair - it may well surprise you with spring regrowths = 'pups' coming up from beneath the compost level.

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