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Liquid Feed

I have a large patch of nettles in my garden and thought it would be good to make some liquid feed, so I put a bunch in a lidded bucket and topped it up with water, then placed it behind my shed to cook, unfortunately things got placed on top and around it and I forgot about it. That was two years ago  I haven't had the courage to open the bucket yet, but I know it will smell awful.  My question is will it still be ok to use and will I still need to dilute it 10/1 or will it need to be diluted more because of it's age.  If it's no longer viable, can I just tip it on my compost heap, if not how should I dispose of it?


  • After that long, I would tip it on the compost heap to help it rot down, but I may be wrong. I think you are supposed to remove the nettles, so if they have been left in I'm sure they will have rotted, and the water will have stagnated. As I say though, I'm not totally sure, so if anyone else knows I wait to stand corrected! :-/

  • Hello Dahlia Lover and yellowcone 87,

    I agree with yellowcone87 that the best course of action now would be to pour the contents of the bucket on the compost heap and start again. I am sure it will be full of nutrients but they'll be useful in the compost and that way you won't harm your plants by overfeeding them. To see how to make nettle feed, have a look at our feature - 10 uses for nettles.

    Emma team

  • Thanks for that link Emma, very useful.


  • I keep mine for a year

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