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Wildlife blues

When the council turned up yesterday to do a bit of tree maintenance in the next door garden, I thought yay a bit more sunlight for us.  When I woke this morning I was pleased to see they'd left a lot of the undergrowth and done a good job clearing some scruffy branches and some ivy. Imagine my horror when I came home early today to see ALL the undergrowth cleared, ALL the ivy gone, ALL the hawthorn, holly and elder, ALL gone!!

Instead of a wild woolly woody wildlife friendly next door garden, it is now barren and stripped bare bar a few big old trees image

The bluetits have no ivy to hide in (I've been watching them on my feeders to see where they go), the doves are depressed, the squirrels are bemused and the rest of the birds seem quite bewildered. No sign of any tits today on the feeders, coal, blue or great. A dawn chorus that drowned out the A14 rumble this morning, I've not heard it like that before, and nowhere for the hedgehogs and fieldmice etc to hide.

I feel sad and would happily give back my extra sunlight to see every creatures home back in place. Just saying, as I know some of you will understand, sigh....



  • oh Happygirl, that is very sad image

    people with no sense of perspective and no love for nature...unlike you, it seems image

  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Oh dear.  Can you make your garden into a 'wild woolly woody wildlife' area Happygirl?  It probably took years to grow like that and now it's all gone in a couple of days - so upsetting I feel for you. 

  • But unless the council keeps coming back, it will all return, given time. 

  • Jess, I love nature! I love watching the squirrels playing, the birds visiting, the hedgehogs snuffling about at night, the butterflies, bees, flora and fauna, I love it all, (except spiders, still can't like them!!) but the thing I love the most about nature, is how important it is, in so many ways and without it we are a troubled planet.

    I'm no eco warrior, I'm just acutely aware of the damage we humans cause, the unending suffering we cause so many species and it saddens me.

    Forester, my garden is trying to become a haven to creatures great and small. I have set aside areas of wildness, set up a hotel for mammals, reptiles and insects, put out the squirrel proof feeders but at the same time given the squirrels their own feeder (I saw them use it for the 1st time today, they're so good at it!!), planted the wildflower seeds, planted bee and insect friendly plants and left the leaf raking for another time. Project bird boxes is next on the list and even more so now! But unfortunately I have no room to create a natural woody overgrown area, I relied on next door image

    Landgirl, it will grow back, slowly, so long as those mean council boys stay away!! It had all got terribly overgrown, and did need a tidy up, just not as much as they did. It feels like a totally natural habitat has been destroyed and the only benefit from it will be the improved sunlight. There was years and years worth of under and over growth there and a whole community of wildlife amongst it, now needing to find new homes image

    One day people will finally appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature but probably not until its all gone....

  • patty3patty3 Posts: 129

    Who owned the garden that was cleared ?

    The council are the same with grass verges, all cut to the ground

     instead of  just where necessary!

    I agree with you it is sad for the birds and other creatures who had a home their.

  • The council own it Patty image They do that here with the verges and hedges too image

  • I know Happy image

  • well our council have gone mad,they put weed killer on the grass verges and brown stripes of dead grass appeared ,they left the gutters and pavements (which need to be clear)full of weeds and plants of all sorts growing,there was corn,garden flowers ,tree seedlings,tomato plants and all manner of wild plants,interesting until the rain came.

  • Jim MacdJim Macd Posts: 750

    I used to work for Hounslow Council, I was amazed how many calls we'd get asking trees etc to be cut down. Their reason? Because they birds woke them up in the morning!!!?? As long as there's people in the world like that there's always going to be these sad stories. image

  • Jim, that's just crackers!! I'd rather hear birdsong in the morning than that A14 any day!!!

    So for an update - I'm pleased to report that the tits are back, and all happily feeding from the feeders again!! image The bird boxes went up today so I'm hoping they'll use them to roost in when the colder weather really kicks in and nest in in the spring. The squirrels and doves have all settled down again! Yay!! image


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