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tunnels in my borders

I'm at a loss to know what is tunneling in my borders. I've had moles in previous gardens and ruled them out here because with over 15 tunnels in my very large border, there is no surface soil at all. They seem to be on each side of a plant and the tunnels appear to meet, leaving the roots of the plants in mid air. HELP. Could it be voles? if so, how do I eradicate them?


  • Definitely sounds like Voles or moles... They are trick little blighters too.

    There are some good effective methods of erradicating them, it all depends how bad the problem is. First find out if the tunnels are still being used by damaging one of them, and wait 48hrs to see if it has been repaired. If it is, then it is a good place to start when it comes to getting rid. Unfortunately, the humane ways of getting rid will usually only be temporary and they usually return, so the only way to effectively get rid is to use proper traps. Bury one in the tunnel that you know is active (use rubber gloves or they will catch your scent and stay clear). Then you just have to check the trap and remove any caught animals regularly. Do this until you no longer catch any, and you should find the problem much reduced.

    Good luck! 

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