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my lawn is a mess. its patchy, and looks yuk, it needs thickening up if you know what i mean, ive reseeded it, fed it racked it, aerated it, you name it....any help appreciated, or should i employ one of those lawn people who come and do it all for you??


  • Hello Denise,

    Before you give up trying, have a look at some of our lawn projects:

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    My lawn looks terrible at the moment because I didn't spend enough time raking off dead leaves this year. There are lots of dead patches where the leaves shaded out the grass. If you have a lot of trees over-shadowing your lawn, you're likely to find it difficult to grow anything other than a shade-tolerant seed mix. Otherwise it's likely to be the soil that's causing trouble so keep up with the aerating and adding top-dressings. It's amazing how you can improve the soil a lawn is growing on with the grass still in place.

    Emma team

  • thank you Emma I will keep trying, appreciate your advice and post x

  • time off year Denise wait till spring  give it a very good rake over fork it  depends on the location of the lawn what type off grass seed you need shade or sunny position good luck hope that helps

  • my lawn also does not look good> I have been usong Green Thumb for years. they tell me I now have Snow mould< Help

  • oh dear I do hope it improves i just want it to thicken up! thanks to you all x

  • hi joan, what is snow mould. the blades of grass on my lawn are turning white and gradually spreading. have you had any positive replies as i am also very worried or any treatments.

  • Hi Denise

    I have two areas of lawn that have been a nightmare to try and sort out. Both suffered years of neglect before I moved here and had a lot of bare parches, moss and fungus in abundance. I treated one with a recomended solution which had no effect. I decided that regular cutting, scarifying and keeping them free from debris was the best, and the cheapest!, way to go about restoring them. Now after 3 years of this i am begining to see signs of both revival and growth. there is far less moss and fungus and only about one barish part left.

    Hope this is of some use.


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