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Hi Kate just come back from the golf course with the dogs,The fairways are like your ponds with water at different levels in the undulations due to all this rain,I can't wait to move to a house with a larger garden so I can dream of my (office)over looking all my acres .Dream on!!!!!!!!



  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479
    Hi Kate, I have only got a small container pond, and although it is small I do get quite a bit of wild life in there. The birds really love it and I have seen the odd dragon fly too. What I really would like is for frogs to move in.
  • Hi Kate,I would like an orchard with knarled old trees and a wood and a wildflower meadow.Not too much to ask is it?
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    Kate, live a long life and you can have it all. I had three ponds once and masses of wildlife. They wre filled in with the rubble from the building of the foundations for my conservatory and are now my fernery. I have built a wood as I love trees and the wildlife they bring I have an old orchard and wildflower spinney. I am in the process of making a shallow pond for frogs behind my raised bed potager which has been a great success in its first year. So you can have it all if you live to 84 and beyond! Never stop dreaming, Kate.
  • i need a shed or any tools will be knicked so thats slowed everything down a gardener

  • Thanks for all your comments! Let's hope we all live long lives and can have the garden of our dreams.

  • You will Kate, it's hard graft and take a lifetime to acheive.The best bit is that you will enjoy creating it as long as you work with nature and remember that you are sharing your space with other LIVING things. Ask any oldie like me!

  • I have to share my year old pond with a 7 month old dog. He just loves to stand in it. I have tried to deter him with netting but to no avail. Hopefully I will still have some frogs next year. Fingers crossed but it may be that I will have to dig another pond or invest in a tin bath.

  • love it.

    I want to make another pond now thanks

    oh I just post a video of my pond a few minutes ago have a look its all my own work im so proud of myself lol.
  • Hi Kate.  If I can do it anyone can!  This has been my third summer gardening as an absolute beginner in my new house which had not one 20000 at least.  I had a 50' X 20' extension which the previous owner/builder used as a builder's rubbish dump, which took 5 packed skips to clear.  Last Nov I started creating a brand new garden with a 19' X5' wildlife pond.  It was fully set up and fully planted by March, and has looked like it has been there for years.  It is full of life especially with dragonflies, damsel flies, newts and froglets (from tadpoles which I rescued from a true wildlife pond which had almost completely dried out and so was able to save them), which I keep finding throughout my entire garden, so I'm hoping I won't need any slug pelletts henceforth.  SO, don't be put off!  It's fantastic....and with all the plants in it the stagnant water has been crystal clear throughout, clearer than my large 10000 ltr ornamental fish pond which is serviced by a very expensive filter system!!  

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