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Moving a magnolia??

I have been asked whether it is feasible to move a magnolia grandiflora that is approx 10ft tall. Has anyone ever moved on of that size and if so, how did it fare??


  • Do you know how long it has been in the ground for? That makes a difference. Longer it has been in the ground the larger the root ball and the more difficult it is to move. As M.grandiflora is an evergreen early spring is the ideal to move it. They have surface roots, so it needs a wide root ball  to keep it from dieing back.

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Your problem will be the root ball. It will probably take more than man power to lift it and leave sufficient size root ball to allow it re- establish properly. 

    If you really have to move it then I would call in a professional. 

  • Will probably hire a tree shovel for the job. It was moved quite a few years back before my job here started... And nobody seems to know exactly when that was
  • At 10ft its commercial value will be high £££ - if pot grown. The problem with planting it and then digging it up again is now you have the risk of it dieing back. A tree shovel should do the trick. My guess is at least a 50l pot.

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