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please could you tell me what to do with the amaryiliss after it flowered?. 

and how to get it to flower another time?


  • Amaryllis/Hippeastrum are very variable when bought "new". I bought 2 before Christmas and 1 has had 3 flower stems (1 with 11 flowers) 1 after the other, but no leaves yet, and the other no flowers but now has 6 leaves. Basically keep it warm and just moist in a good light until you are sure it is well rooted, and it will either produce more flower stems or long leaves. Then water and feed occassionally with a high potash (e.g. tomato) fertiliser building up a bigger and fatter bulb for next season. Normally they go dormant in the summer and the old leaves are cut off to tidy the plant, but this is not strictly necessary. Like florists cyclamen you can keep them green all year round if you want.

  • I love these plants, but have never been able to get them to flower again.    I have had lots of new leaves, but no flowers.     Now I treat them like an annual - after all, they are as cheap as a bunch of flowers!

  • thanks for the feed back on my has flowered with 2 stems and 4 flower heads on it. i have been told to let it rest for the summer and hopefuly it will flower again at xmas.

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