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Reusing pot soil

Firstly hello to all...i am a newbie both here and in my gardening efforts so expect a lot of posts on problem solving!

I have a tiny gravelled garden which last year i tried rather unsuccesfully to grow vegetables and plants. I now have a variety of pots and growbags full of soil and am not sure how to go about restarting my efforts this year. Looking around on the internet seems to show that reusing pot soil is rather contentious and i am getting a bit confused!

Basically i have nowhere to get rid of old soil so was wondering what the best thing to do is - given a lack of space and options!

Any advice would be gratefully received...


  • Hi Deledum

    For container gardening I would use new compost, veggies are hungry feeders. Use water retaining gel crystals or buy compost with this added.  If you have room buy a compost bin and recycle the old compost, mix it with all your organic uncooked kitchen waste. Failing that give your old compost to a neighbour to mulch their borders with or take it to your local allotment garden or put it on Freecycle. Hope this helps.

  • If you are sure that the way your plants grew using the type of soil. then it will be helpful to reuse them.  There was even the idea of crop rotation, right? So the same goes with plants and how they could possibly of great help for  the plants to go healthier, right?

    What you do is that you just plant in new seeds and care for them as usual. Hope this helps.

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