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ornamental grasses

i have an orriental patch at the back off my garden with two ponda one raised one sunk with a patio in between and a raised decking at the back on one side ive built it up with rocks and planted a new zeland flax in the corner and a cordiline with a ground cover geranium creeping over the rocks the other side i have my peonys and some monbretia the other side off the pond i have some grass not sure what it was my aunt gave me a root cutting and its taken off its very distinctive in the winter month then i have a lilly off the valley then a reed type off grass with miniture ornamental grasses in between im wanting more impact the grass gives off different colours but im wanting bold oriental looking flowers and perhaps slate around the plants to lift it sugestions?


  • Hi Will,

    A few suggestions - you could do some research on species Hemerocallis, for example lilioasphodelus, or dumortieri which has a lovely scent to it. Or have a look at the leopard lily, Lilium pardalinum - from America not Asia - like the daylily but still a striking flower and a good perrenial lily. Iris is always useful depending on the position, foetidissima is the native - tough but with great flowers and seedheads. There are the siberian irises too and a whole host of others - unguicularis is great, early flowers and thrives in tough positions, but needs a good bit of sun. Hope they look alright to you? Alot depends on the aspect and the ground, then from there it's just plant browsing and choosing the best man (or woman) for the job.

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    How about Lilium lancifolium?  Just pick off the lily beetles every day without fail. and a lovely late summer, autumn flowering allium - Allium tuberosum?  Grows to two feet and white flowers.

  • cesca1cesca1 Posts: 2

    I have a dark red/black grass in my garden. Not sure how to care for it?

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