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alpine mayhem

just re vamped my rock/alpine garden and im up for sugestions on plants so far ive got cowslips, ornamental primroses decrotive moss cabbages etc and i keep looking at it thinking somethings missing when i made it i mixed some lime in the ground and lots off gravel then membrane on top put the plants in added the rocks and put the gravel on top im hopping the plants will be fine and just spread on top etc. like i said somethings missing any suggestions?


  • DWBDWB Posts: 5

    How about mini irises that are around at the moment or gentians for the autumn?

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Winter heather and snowdrops, sedums and semoervivums. small, tufted grasses, violas,hardy orchids and alpine geraniums, alpine dianthus species, campanulas, pulsatillas.  How big is your rockery?  Could we see a picture?

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