instant garden

i recently moved house well bought my own left home and the garden well what garden! its on a slope the front is huge but on a 80 degree angle with no privacy the back is all concrete with the exception off a small patch in the middle which Ive planted perennials and some annuals its pretty but not challenging enough i own another garden and Ive mentioned it before so I'm running two but spend most off my free time there. I'm wanting ideas how to get more space or do something bold and daring that would give this new dull garden something to talk about on the street  any suggestions folks?


  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Well, alpine troughs round the concrete and you could have a rockery up the slope or terrace it.  How about a red,white and blue bonanza for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee or Olympic rings in the five Olympic colours?  Be different and grow wonderful vegetables in the front livened up with flowers for cutting.

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