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Talkback: Making mini ponds

Hello Kate,A garden is only as good as the person making it,If space isn't available you the next best thing is a container that can be moved around the garden,Some thing you can't do with a border,Thailand a what's wrong with snowy England Best Wishes Oldchippy.


  • Hello Kate I know this is nothing to do with pond life, sitting here in Ewell looking down the garden I have seen more Fieldfare this year then any other year,They have been eating the berries off the Pyracantha bush's they are all queuing up in the Cotoneaster's at the bottom of the garden but not eating the berries, they may not be as ripe yet.There was a Black cap taking the berries from the end of the branches the Fieldfare could not reach.
  • How lovely, oldchippy. I'm sure the sudden cold blast had birds returning to gardens in droves, to fill up on berries and supplementary food. I've not seen many birds in my garden this year - certainly not fieldfares - there must be enough for them in the local parks and wildlife reserves.

  • the pot pond is a lovely idea and im going to give it a go , but how will the frogs be able to climb into my pot i would love some little tadpoles
  • Frogs can climb really well DIGWEED, mine often use the trellis to climb into my tin bath pond, even though there are two much easier routes into the pond!

  • Mini-ponds in pots sound absolutely lovely, but perhaps a little susceptible to changing water temperatures? Best then to put them out of direct sunlight.

    I shall have a go for my North facing front door.
  • A few years ago I used my (now grown up sons) baby bath, buried into the ground and covered with a pond liner and pebbles. I have had years of surprises - newts, endless types of frogs and pond life, but last year frogspawn.
  • image


    Last year we sank a small half barrel in a small area of our garden planted it up with a water lily, oxygenating plants, and surrounded the whole thing with a bog garden and bog plants,  installed a pump and we had three frogs visit in the Summer. This week we came across a couple of mating frogs!!

  • I have a pond full of frog spawn at the moment. however, the water snails are climbing onto it. will they eat it or are they just after any algae that might grow on it? the spawn only started appearing on Saturday so no algae yet
  • I am really excited after reading this article, I bought a belfast sink second hand last year and plan to use a tub trug inside it this year to make a mini pond. Now I know what to put in it I just need to find out what plants to put around it and I'll be ready to go! Will the frogs find it even though I live in the middle of a city?

  • image   Ele it is amazing but you will find the frogs will discover it in no time, bog plants around the edge look great, good luck.

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