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Recommend online plant suppliers

Lucy10Lucy10 Posts: 7

Wonder if you can help - sorry if I'm duplicating previous threads. My local garden centre has sadly gone downhill both in terms of choice and plant quality. I'm not a massive online shopper but as there are few other plant sellers to support locally, I'm thinking I may have to bite the bullet and look at online/mail order retailers. 

I'm not a confident gardener but want to make an impact next year with some unusual, striking plants, as well (as the usual) - both in pots and borders. The garden is quite shady but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

I have no experience using online plant centres / nurseries and so am hoping you can recommend some from personal experiences? Somewhere that does great plants that could also offer advice to a relative garden novice like myself if needed would be ideal. Need guidance as there's so many! Thanks!



  • Hi Lucy, as you guessed there is a thread about it already - here you are: image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • There are lots of Cornwall based nurseries on ebay as well as those mentioned above.

  • Thanks, lots to digest on this thread, will work my way through it!

  • I've used Long Acre Nurseries (also know as Plants for Shade, on their website), who specialise in shade-lovers, but stock other stuff too.

    Always reliable, always deliver next day, always excellent quality and well-packaged.

    A pleasure.


    I avoid Crocus like the plague!


  • Not had as much time for online research as I'd like due to work (boo!) but think I'll take a trip around some of these nurseries at the weekend, get a feel for them etc - thanks Verdun. Also been told about trevena cross nurseries and Bodmin plant and herb through a friend so might make a day of it, tour the county! Long Acres now on the list to research too, thanks Jess in the Garden 

  • You're welcome - it's a case of hit and miss with online companies. Some good, some terrible. 

    Verdun image re dead trees.

  • MJ90MJ90 Posts: 1

    I here a lot about "Babyplants" from my friends, that's only if you wanted plug plants though.

  • How about J P Parker, I don,t know if anyone has any experience of them as they always seem quite reasonable and have lots of offers ?


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