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Talkback: Old books and migrant birds

Back in the mid 1990s I worked on contract for Crawley council maintaining there housing stock,the tenants would ask to have the Martins nests removed from the top hinge of the windows, we then had to tell the wild life coordinater , they do make a mess down the windows but that a small price to pay to have birds that close at hand.


  • a small price for having lovely mother had house martins  where she once lived they were a delight!image

  • The trouble is that no matter what anyone else might think, if it reaches pest proportions, then it becomes a pest. It's all very subjective. We have swifts in East Dulwich; I've no idea where they nest. No swallows or house martins hereabouts though.
  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I would say we humans are more of a pest than wildlife. We create more mess and rubbish than all the natural world put together. If anything is a plague its the human race.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,423

    That's true Dave.

    I think pest proportions is lower for some people than others. I think I'd enjoy swallows and swifts, even if they made a mess. The swallows investigate the she every year but never build. 

    We have pipistrelles in the roof most summers. They stink when it's damp and the wind is right but I wouldn't be without them

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • What a lovely blog!!

    I think these birds are my all time favourite as they remind me of my childhood, growing up with them in the barn and stables and watching them ducking and diving through the sky! We would be on strict orders to be quiet when we knew the chicks had hatched and it was awesome to watch the fledglings take their first trip out!!

    We don't get to see them so much nowadays which is a huge shame, but I do look forward to the warmer weather when we might catch a glimpse of them!

    Dave, I too totally agree!
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