Purple sprouting disaster

Can anyone please help me salvage my purple sprouting broccoli?  I grew them from seed, planted out last year (its due to be harvested this month).  I think I may have planted the seedlings out a little too close together, not realising how massive the plants would become.  They went mad very quickly, I diligently picked off the caterpillars every day and fed them to the chickens much to my son's delight!  The plants have become so huge most of them collapsed but have still had plenty of life.  Today they look very sad, is it just the weather?  I can just start to seen the faintest hint of purple appearing but nothing else.  Does the broccoli sprout from the top of the plant or out from the stem?  I am really disappointed as have nurtured these plants for months and it looks as though they will just end up as compost fodder.  Any suggestions please?  This is my first real veg plot and am starting to plan for this year so don't want to make the same mistakes again.  Many thanks.


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