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there's no sign of frogspawn in my pond yet and I'm very pleased, as it's suddenly very cold in London!

Has anyone else seen frogspawn in their ponds yet? Do let us know when you do - I'd be very interested to know!



  • HI Kate I haven't seen any frogspawn yet either in my pond. I only have a small container pond and because of the freezing weather I have it covered with bubble plastic and I've wrappen bubble plastic round it as well. I've done this every winter and it works a treat. In past years I've just lifted the bubble plastic to make sure all is ok and I've quite oftern seen frogspawn, so it doesn't stop the frogs getting in. Although its small it still attracts a lot of wild life, the birds love it and I've seen dragon flies too.

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Hi, Kate.  My normal date for seeing frogspawn in Bristol is Feb. 6th but not this year.  Will let you know.

  • donutsmrs - how lovely. My small container pond is frozen over so next year I'll wrap it up with bubble wrap.

    happymarion - I look forward to hearing how late your frogs are!


  • Hi Kate here is a picture of my pond all tucked up for the winter. We went down to -10 here in Bournemouth the other night and my pond was free of ice.


     I've got a couple of layers of bubble wrap over the top and some wrapped all the way round.

  • That is so cute! Your frogs are very lucky to have you.


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