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Too late to force bulbs

Got bulbs, got pots, got bulb fibre ...  have I left it too late for Xmas presents?  :-/


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,423

    It's too late for flowers at Christmas but they'll come eventualy

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  • 4thPanda4thPanda Posts: 4,145

    oneSistine of my Christmas gifts for my sister will be two pots with earth in and a label telling her what the pots should produce image I would love something like this! The anticipation for what will come is very enjoyable.

  • The bulbs will be very disappointing if they go straight into bowls and then into warm rooms. Things like daffs and tulips need cold to make roots before they can be forced. I would be very happy to pot them up outside and wait for Spring.

    PS mine always go in pots with drainage  and compost. I am not a fan of bulb fibre

  • I agree re the bulb fibre Roger - give them some proper compost to feed the bulbs and then they'll last for more than the one year.  Bulb fibre is just for growing and throwing away image

    I also agree about not trying to rush the bulbs - pot them up and leave them outside until they've got flower buds - then if you want them inside bring them in and enjoy them then outside for the summer, feed and nurture those bulbs and plant them out in the garden in the autumn and they'll reward you for several springs to come image

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  • You don't say which type of bulbs you've got Steph so it's difficult to be specific in my answer as they all take different times to grow and flower.

    In general 'tho I'd be delighted with a pot of any type of bulbs with instructions on what to do with them. I'm sure yours will make lovely presents for someone.

  • Thanks all - I think I've got some Tete-a-Tete (sp??) narcissi left and some Alliums. 

    I wasn't thinking about the using the Alliums - I think they are too tall for pots and would look odd.  I'm not sure what to do with them tho, as I don't really like them and don't want them in my garden ... ???

    It sounds like I should pot up the daffs with normal compost - I best get some normal compost then!!

    Whilst I'm on - can anybody advise the best type of compost to use for my garlic?  I will also be planting this in pots - I have some quite large deep pots that I plan to use.

    Thanks again all.  image


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