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help monster

Today  left wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice on a monster of a rhododendron when say monster I mean monster never been pruned or cut back since being plant is now at about 16ft round about 10ft tall the customer as asked me to tame this beast back to a reasonable size but has stressed would not want to remove it as it was plant in memory of there grandmother who wouldn't let anyone near her rhododendrons when she was a live there is some other work there to keep me busy such as removing that thorny shrubs with bright orange berries begin with P and some small tree felling and cutting the hedges back along with topping and other jobs a lot of which can be done over winter months and dare I say it fair bit of  burning to keep me warm on those cold winter days once clear the garden it will be prepared for lawns to be lay  in spring and some other shrubs and plants put in along with a line of flowering cherries and maple trees along driveway to replace the dead trees that were felled and some oaks and other hard wood trees  in a small woodland area at the back of the garden          


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966

    Agree with Verdun. Rhodes will withstand fairly brutal hacking. If you see what they do to them in some large Scottish gardens, reducing them almost to stumps, and they always seem to grow back.

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  • del 12del 12 Posts: 21

    hiya Verdun and punkdoc thanks for the help last encounter with the pyracantha  that removed on a job 2 hours with chainsaw cutting down and clearing up 3 hours removing the thorns from hands and arms even with the correct saw protection ever  since NOT LIKE THE STUFF  needs health warning on it  

  • del 12del 12 Posts: 21

    reckon so things we do for a nice gardens


  • izzy8izzy8 Posts: 147

    I've also taken out some Pyracanthas and ornamental quince. I'm trying to grow person friendly shrubs but definately can't do without my roses. Pyracantha should have a health and safety warning on them

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