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Time to Chop?

hi all,

I have an apple tree in my garden whose trunk is now about 80% hollow. One of the main branches is similar. It fruited pretty well this year but is clearly on its way out.

Should i chop and replace it now (i want to use the same/close by spot) or leave it until it died completely?

If I am replacing it, then by starting now I should have nice tree in 3-4 years rather than waiting another few years and then starting again?





  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Many years ago, an old Norfok man told me that to regenerate an apple tree, shoot it on the side opposite the dying area. At the time I was living in London and my apple tree was dying. But the thought of going into a rough looking pub and taking out a contract on my apple tree was more than I could handle, so don't know if this would work!image

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