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Should I remove the figs from the tree

The fig tree has lost all its leaves, but the figs which were produced during late Summer but did not ripe remain.  Should I remove them?


  • enzoenzo Posts: 6

    i would, they don't usually amount to anything in the uk.


  • The fruit of figs take 2 years to reach edible size so leave them alone.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,527
    edited March 2020
    It depends on the size, and where you are and how mild a winter you  have had. Tiny ones (size of a thumb nail)will grow  and ripen by September. I have larger ones on in a frost free greenhouse I will leave as I expect them to ripen early summer.  If they  had been frosted, they turn yellow and drop off.

    Not sure why I am answering a thread from 2012?
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