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if you could only have 2 pears...

hi all, this is my first thread image

i'm  looking to choose two pears to be trained as verticle cordons either side of a 4m wide window  at the gable end of our bungalow. It'll be sw facing, and although there is a 12' hedge 25 meters away and a couple of lower hedges closer we are still a little exposed as there are fields for as far as you can see the other side of the hedges. we're located on the hampshire surrey borders so reasonably mild.

I'm keen to choose fruit trees that are either not available/hard to find or have some historic value, as well as obviously being good to eat, fresh or cooked! . I already have a conferance which may effect the decision re pollinating partners

So..... what would you choose?




  • What I did when I wanted to add to my pear 'orchard' - now up to three - was I waited until the other two were in flower, then rang the closest nursery to ask if they had any pear trees in worked a treat, and each year all three are in blossom at the same time, and I just let the wild bees - resident somewhere in the garden - do the rest.  Result lots of pears to eat and cook with...short of recipes though!

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