Any hope for a diseased Sorbus (Autumn Spire)?

A 1.8m bareroot Sorbus Autumn Spire was planted in our garden towards the end of last winter. It grew quite well over summer but suffered a severe green fly/aphid attack that kept returning despite frequent and thorough drenches with soapy water. By late summer, I'd given up on the ineffective soapy water and attacked the buggers with Bayer's Provado Ultimate Bug Killer which did a great job - wish I'd used it sooner. A few weeks later, based on recommendations, I doused the tree with a Bordeaux anti-fungal mixture.

Unfortunately, a couple of days ago, I noticed clear liquid running down the main trunk from a small lesion (a 1cm long cut) nearly half-way up the main stem. I scrubbed the wound and surrounding stem with appropriately diluted Jeyes Fluid (probably an illegal use now) then puffed a bit more Bordeaux powder over the affected area. Today, it's still oozing clear liquid.

Is there anything else I can do? Help much appreciated as I've already dug up one diseased Sorbus in a different part of the garden last year due to basal root rot!


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 44,416

    I'm wondering if it's fireblight - but I thought the oozy stuff was usually milky image

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  • AJ34AJ34 Posts: 2

    Yes, I've read the same thing but this oozing liquid is completely clear.

  • Sorry I can't help AJ but I'm responding to bump this back up the list, hopefully someone else that can help will see it.

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