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Spring wedding

My daughter is getting married in early April.

I offered to do flowers for reception and thought potted rather than cut would be nice (then we can plant them out afterwards!)

Maybe scented narcissi or miniature tulips, forgetmenots?

Any advice as to what/when to plant to have a hope of them flowering by 12 April would be much appreciated!



  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,685

    It would be possible to have all those that you have mentioned in flower at that time, although you would need late types of narcissi and early tulips. There is a slight problem in that these bulbs should be in the ground now, unless of course you buy them in flower from the GC.

    Hellebores will still be flowering and might look very nice, as would violas. Up North I often find spring cyclamen are still flowering at that time.

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  • Winston Churchill double daffs look great and smell better. Get the bulbs and plant half of them straight away, then one quarter 2 weeks later, then the rest 2 weeks later still…. you should then cover your date nicely. Buy more than you think you need. Too many is better than too few.image Don't delay.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,658

    I think violas would be good as they are reliable flowerers and flower for a long period. You can put them in pretty pots on the tables. There are lots of different colours.

    In 2012 I received my delivery of plug plants in late September, I potted them on then planted them into outside pots and troughs when I replaced the summer bedding late October. You could buy them in a GC in Spring if you wanted to or now. These are mine from 7th April having been outside and had a lot of snow in March. The sun came out from late March and they grew really well.




     They went on to grow much bigger in May.

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  • Wow! Thanks to you all.

    I'll get busy and as you say, more is best, they can always go into friends' and family's gardens.

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