my 1st allotment!

just got a new allotment. what can i do?



  • dig it and cover with clear plastic to warm up the soil, if you have compost or well rotted manure spread this but not where you intend to grow carrotts and parsnips etc.Good luck

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    dont sicken yourself by trying to do to much at once,prepare the groung for planting

    if you have green house wash down with    diluted jeyes fluid , also little drop in watering can for soil and plants.

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    Me too, cant wait to get started!image

  • And meeeeeeeee yippeeimage

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    When I got my allotmet much of it was overgrown. I cleared one area and then used that to plant for the first year. Then I carried on clearing the rest of the plot. It is such fun.


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    Ask your allotment neighbours about what the soil is like - alkaline or acidic or neautral, clay or sandy or stony. any bad perennial weeds like mare's tail .  Then you can work out a strategy to get your soil ready for planting.  Find out about allotment deals on manure and seeds for your site.  Establish where to get water.  

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  • I took over my allotment at the end of last summer and have almost cleared all of the weeds [until they pop their heads up again at the first bit of sun!] but there are still loads of jobs to do.   The one I have been puting off a bit is making a work plan of  what to do when.   When to sew seeds in the greenhouse [really a shed with lots of windows!], how to calculate how much of any veg to grow and in what order to do it.   Everything really!!  You can see I need a work plan to keep myself focused.  Is there a good web site which puts fruit and veg into categories, ie. legumes etc.   I'm so excited I want to grow it all.   I have an acid soil, well dug, sunny position.

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    I just got my allotment one month ago made a start and the the frost came and then the snow.  Frustrating car'nt wait to get started. 

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