Great company!

Goregeous day here in North Wales, tidied up the garden, the veg patch, and shared it with some very busy Goldfinches, Blue Tits and, surprise, surprise a spotted woodpecker! Made my day!


    Good to hear you had a lovely day in my favourite holiday destination. Much too cold here to potter. Did go out and defrost the bird bath a few times and fed the birds. Roll on spring !
  • Its a cloudy overcast and bitterly cold day here near Blackburn but I fed the birds this morning and made sure the ice was broken so all my little visitors were soon splashing around in the big hole dug out late last year (to be a pond soon I hope). I have a very special visitor `Robby` who comes out from his nest in the ivy whenever I call. He is always keen to join me in the garden especially when I open up my shed where my rescued rabbits live. I hope to have some new additions, four hens, in the next couple of weeks (resident in the new henhouse that I received as a Christmas present from my kids). Roll on better weather....I cant wait.....lots of plans for this year.

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Birds Britannia on BBC2 this afternoon at 3,30.  My many blackbirds are still enjoying mty Chares Ross apples which are still fresh and juicy although the bramleys have all fermented and rotted.  I'm still able to pick a whole one for myself straight off the tree, although I let it warm up a bit before I bite into it.

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