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hi really hope someone can help me here. at the bottom of our garden we have a veg plot. one big problem we have a badger that has decided to come and visit but is digging up out veggies. we had a fence put up going down the garden with concrete at the bottom but they have dug under. has anybody got any tips on how to get the badger to stop coming into the garden before he eats all our veg.


  • I have the same problem with lots of badgers who even battered through our side gate! The problem is they follow the same routes every night. I found that putting lots of prickly cuttings from the holly bush  (or any other prickly shrub) helped but you need to puts lots down. Apart from that the only thing according to our local badger society is an electric fence - the sort farmers use to keep livestock in fields! Good luck.

  • or you might try a scrare crow or somthing that will move all the time might scare them off either than that get your veg up of the ground or feeding the badgers peanuts in another area of your garden.

  • I believe that badgers do not like the smell of male human urine -so that could keep them away!

  • thats great thanks everyone i shall get working on something and let you know what happens image

  • We had Badgers in our garden every night for weeks. An oldtimer told me to put down curry powder!  It worked! I did have to renew several times after any rain but that was no problem and not expensive. Try it!

    Chris Levett. Cambridge.

  • A SMALL STRIP OF COPPER WIRE OR A CHICKEN ELECTRIC FENCE WILL SOLVE IT CONECTED to a small car battery on at night off in the day, it wont harm the badger but it will teach him them that ther=y will get a small jolt if they come near ,, and after a while this burns into there memory and even when you take it down they still avoid that area as if the fence is still there ,,, the same meth ,, is used to keep mink out of ponds..

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