Compost for carnivorous plants


I have a Venus's Fly Trap, that will need potting up next year. I read that you have to use peat moss. Can you still get this in GC's?



    hi mark, i make my own i got a 75litre bag of peat moss, for about £5. and mix my own sharp sand and perlite. I put all my carnivorous plants in the greenhouse now for winter. You do know they will really appreciate a cold winter. down to -5 and colder. Don't try and keep it as a house plant all year round. It must rest, or it will not make it through  next year. image They only ones i keep in the house over winter are the monkey cups.

    fly traps, pitchers, sundew ect are outside now.



  • Thanks Brumbull and ZG

    Hi ZG, Mine is in the garage up against the window surrounded by polystyrene seed trays to throw back the light. Its been in there since end of Sept, seems to like it. I did not want it in the GH during an Aberdeen winter, can get down to -10, I kid you not.

    I keep it moist with rain water. Question, if I every run out of rain water in the summer, what do I use?

  • Sounds like a perfect spot for the winter Mark image. I would not recommend tap water at all. Though you would see no immediate issues in the plants health, the chemicals build in the soil over time. If I bring a new carnivorous plant home I like to repot them the same day just to get as much of the old soil off, as i'm not sure what water they have been given. image

  • Thanks ZG, I have been reading up about carnivorous plants.  I bought this one who I have named 'Audrey II' start of last summer, and was on active service in the GH. It caught quite a few things even crane flies!

    I'm thinking of getting a few more next year to put around the GH, kind of like a green minefieldimage  I have seen a website for a company in Hampshire, I'll give them ago.

  • Hi Sara, thanks for that, I have added that to my favs, the one I meant is this one


  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    If you have no rain water and are desperate, I suggest boiling the kettle and letting it cool. Not great but should be ok.

  • Hi Mark 1963 you asked about water for carnivorous plants when all fresh water finished I use either boiled cooled water or plain bottled water.

    good luck they are worth the effort.
  • Sara I have used little shop of horrors before without any problemsimage. I will have to give your suggestion a try mark as well . His prices look very good. 'Audrey II' nice name. she needs a friend. image

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