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Its a lovely bright sunny day here in Aberdeen, pity I'm stuck in an office. Just seen Peter Gibb give this weekend weather forecast, and it looks dry for us this weekend so plenty to do still in the garden.

Continue to clear leaves, particularly in the rockery. Then there is dead heading the pansies and violas. Some with the primroses. They have started to bloom now. The ones I divided in September have taken hold, just need to remove some yellowing leaves.

I was reading last night in Garden News, my weekly subscription, that the Met Office has disclaimed reports the newspapers are putting out about being a harsh December. Frosty at times with mild spells. Sounds good to me. Well I have blethered enough. Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, and Happy St Andrews Day for the 30thimage  


  • In the voice of Victor Mildew, 'I don't believe it!' No sooner had I posted this, the wind got up and now its raining image

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear that Mark. we have grey skies here in Gloucestershire, but its supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Sadly, I cant do much gardening, or anything else this weekend. I put my pelvis out pulling up a rogue Mahonia plant and my "back lady"has banned me doing any thing heavy this week! Cant even ride the horse.Looks like I will be sorting out seeds and other fiddly jobs instead.

    Have a good oneimage

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,106

    Drizzle here, fetching the leaves off the bottom oak tree. The top tree lost all its leaves in the sleet 10 days ago. Lots of raking up leaves to do.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • Hi ginagibbs, I fill your pain! I have got my hips pinned. I dislocated them when I was a teenager. Keep warm and think of next year seed sowing.

    I have all mind in a Roses tin. I need to decide what I want to grow, I have a pretty good idea now. I'm going to try Swan River Daisy for the first time.

    Also I'm going to grow some plants for the GH. It can get quite bare in there was the plants are in the ground. 

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