Allium schoenoprasum (Chives)

When I moved into my current house I found amongst the weeds two pots of mud. Not knowing if they held perhaps some rare beautiful delights only ever seen in South Yorkshire / the only flowers to be found in the garden I... put them in the corner and promptly forgot about them until Spring.

Turned out that they are Allium schoenoprasum (aka Chives)

This year they produced a beautiful display despite my largely ignoring them occasionally trimming / drowning them. However now they are looking, well unhappy, which has gotten me thinking.

How are you meant to over winter them? Do they normally die back completely and leave bare soil? Should I trim the limp green remains or leave them to do whatever it is they do? Do they tolerate frost happily? (Bearing in mind they spent several weeks under six inches of snow here)

Thank you for your words of wisdom!


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