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Overwintering Gazanias

I grow lots of these lovely little crackers, mostly in pots , crammed in 8 at a go!

My questions are: do they over winter , and what's the best way to do this; and how well do they flower in subsequent years?

If they are difficult to look after over winter or flower power is somewhat less, I may compost them and start again 50 plantlets only cost me £5 plus compost. However they still look healthy at the moment and I am not ready to consign them yet.


  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,605

    Hi WW they are not hardy with me even in a cold greenhouse so I dispose of them. Am just back from South Africa where I saw them growing in the wild forming massive flowering carpets.

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  • Yes, we have managed to keep gazanias over winter before.  The first time we did so, we put them in the greenhouse (unheated) and most survived still in their pots.

    However, as we were in a rush to get to Australia for son's 40th, last years were left out and again some survived. One just had the tiniest green shoot and carefully nurtured, it was beautiful this year.

    So, I would say, that probably if in a sheltered position they would survive over winter. It's certainly worth a try anyway!


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    This is the first year I've tried to overwinter mine. They are in an unheated GH, which has been bubblewrapped. I'm keeping them quite dry and will fleece them when it gets colder. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Oops, sorry Woody, I've made a big mistake, mine are Gerbera not Gazanias. image What's a G between friends ? 

    What's the verdict on keeping Gerbera in GH ?

  • I have had gazanias outside for a few years now and they always grow back. I have mine in raised beds near a wall, so that affords better drainage, so I would not store them in a wet frost pocket.

  • I have put my pots in the porch by front door. Sheltered and some warmth from house but Porch is open to elements too. So I will leave them there and fleece if V. cold. Currently enjoying some late flowers as I go in and out.


    Thanks everyone.

  • Sounds like a good position for them over winter Woodgreen wonderboy

  • Brought this home from France as. Cutting, had never seen before, and am completely smitten I live in Northern Ireland and now know to protect in our cold winters

    Averil Armstrong

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